Creative Solutions for a Budget Wedding


Let’s face it. Weddings are expensive, the average cost being $20,000 – $25,000 (which may vary per region). Try getting married nowadays and you’ll see that numbers rise exponentially. But this doesn’t mean you’ll have to start worrying that your wedding will be less than special since you are planning a wedding on a budget. My Posts helps you to select the right budget and the best things to make your wedding day more special.

Creative Solutions for a Budget Wedding

On the contrary, it is possible to make a special and memorable wedding even on a shoestring budget: you just need to tap your creative side and find alternative solutions. Creativity is the key element in planning a successful wedding on a budget.


A great portion of most wedding budget breakdowns goes to the ceremony and reception venues. You can save a lot of money if you can hold the two in one place (let your decorations serve double shift). You can save more if you are going to do it in a rented park or at the alumni house at your college. Since these places aren’t normally used to having weddings, you will only ask for a nominal fee.


Speaking of taking care of two things at once, use centerpieces that can double as favors, such as small potted plants or decorative candles. Not only you’ll save on money, but you will also have one detail less to worry about during wedding planning.


One way you can have a cheaper wedding dress is by sewing your own, although this is only applicable to you if you know how to sew. If you know someone who can sew it for you at a minimal fee, that would be great. An alternative to this is remaking a nice old dress if you have one gathering dust in the closet.

Bridesmaids’ bouquets

Instead of the traditional bouquet, have your bridesmaids carry colored candles. If it is an outdoor wedding, you can design small lanterns and use them to shield the candlelight from the blowing wind.

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