Want a Cheaper Wedding? Schedule Your Wedding Day Wisely


If you are planning to wed on a Saturday evening in June or September, we can assume that you have the wedding budget to cover such an expensive wedding. Yes, that kind of schedule is asking for higher wedding costs. If you’re planning a budget wedding, then you may want to wed on a different month, day and time.

Want a Cheaper Wedding? Schedule Your Wedding Day Wisely

Ideal Months For Budget Weddings

Let’s see. June and September are popular wedding months because, in most parts of the country, the weather at these times is just right, neither too cold nor too hot.

The dates of July and August are in demand as well: for the simple reason that there are couples who failed to book their June early enough. February can be quite expensive too, thanks to St. Valentine’s Day.

May and October aren’t wedding budget friendly either, as these are popular months for Midwest weddings. And during December, marrying couples would have to compete with holiday parties for venues and vendors.

That leaves us with January, March, April, and November. These are less expensive months for marrying because the demand is not as great. Venue prices tend to be lower, and vendors are more open to discounts and bargains.

Ideal Days For Budget Weddings

On weekdays and Sundays, rental sites for ceremony and wedding reception are typically cheaper. If you are paying for your wedding suite or footing the bill for an out-of-towner VIP guest, take note that hotel rates are lower on Sunday through Thursday.

You could also save on the travel costs for your honeymoon as airfares are also typically cheaper on weekdays.

Ideal Time of Day For Budget Weddings

A big part of the wedding budget is commonly allotted to food and drinks for the wedding reception. You can save a lot of money for this stuff by factoring the time of your wedding in your planning:

For a morning wedding reception, serve an elegant brunch. Breakfast food is way less expensive than lunch or dinner fare. Fill out the menu with some fresh fruits, made to order French toasts and omelet stations. Include a carving station with ham or roast beef.

After an early afternoon ceremony, you can have a finger food reception. Serve cake and several beverages (coffee or tea, punch, and soda). You may include pasta and a selection of sandwiches, slices of bread and breadsticks, as well as chocolate fountains for dipping.

For a late afternoon reception, it’s best to have a cocktail party: Hors d’oeuvres may be served by waitstaff and you may have some stations with crackers, cheese, fruit, and veggies.

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