Guideline for Breaking Down Wedding Expenses


Traditionally, there are “financial roles” that the bride, groom and their respective families play when it comes to wedding expenses. These days, however, these roles are either tweaked a bit or entirely ignored as practicality is favored over tradition in most modern weddings.

Guideline for Breaking Down Wedding Expenses

Today, it‘s normal to hear about a groom and his bride paying for their own wedding. But to give you an idea on where to start when you sit down and plan with your fiancé how to split your wedding expenses, here’s a short guideline on who commonly pays for what in a wedding.


  • the groom’s wedding ring
  • lodging for her out of town attendants (if there’s any)
  • wedding gift for the groom
  • bridesmaids’ gifts


  • engagement ring
  • the bride’s wedding rings
  • fees for the marriage license and/or other legal documents.
  • a wedding gift for his bride
  • lodging for his out of town attendants ((again, if there’s any)
  • the clergy fee and transportation
  • the honeymoon


  • the bridal shower
  • their own gowns and accessories


  • the bachelor party
  • their own tuxedos or other formal wear


  • the rehearsal dinner
  • gift for the couple


  • the reception i.e., music, flowers, the reception venue, food, bar costs.
  • their daughter’s bridal gown
  • gift for the couple

Food and drinks expenses for your wedding reception can easily eat up (pun intended) most of your budget. If you are trying to put a lid on your wedding costs, here are some suggestions on how you can save money on food and drinks yet still make everyone satisfied at your wedding reception.

  • Schedule your wedding reception at a time of day when a sit-down meal is not expected. A cocktail or dessert reception won’t cost you thousands of dollars as opposed to a full dinner.
  • An open bar is not a wise option if you want to cut cost. It’s better to purchase the drinks and serve them yourself than hire a caterer or bartender.
  • If leaving out the cake-cutting ceremony is not an option, consider a two-tier cake instead of the expensive three to five tier. Then serve guests with slices of sheet cake of the same flavor.
  • Use your creativity. Choose a theme for your wedding reception, such as a pizza reception or an afternoon barbeque reception

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