The Wedding Reception


A big chunk of wedding expenses is allotted for the reception, especially if you’re planning on having a large number of guests. Entertaining and feeding your guests is a vital part of the celebration. For some cultures, celebrating a union can even go on for days!

The Wedding Reception

To be sure that you’ll have a memorable wedding reception, make sure you tick off each point in this checklist:

  • Check the weather forecast the day before the wedding. Be sure that contingency measures are on hand should you need them (e.g. tents for outdoor receptions, heating equipment for a winter wedding, backup ventilation for hot summer days).
  • If you don’t have a wedding planner and you have separate venues for your wedding and reception, have a trusted friend or family member go ahead of the party to the reception venue. Have him/her check if everything is in place, and to make last minute adjustments, if any.
  • Make sure the program is all smoothed out with everyone involved. If you’re planning to spring a surprise during the program, at least let the organizers (lights and sounds, caterers, etc.) know about it.
  • Prepare a set of songs to play whenever there is a lull, or (heaven forbid) if the live music/band encounters a technical difficulty.
  • Let the caterer know about the program. This is crucial especially if the menu includes food items that have to be served at a specific temperature.
  • If you have a children’s table, make sure someone drops in to check it from time to time. Keep it stocked with fun things to keep them from being a distraction to the wedding program.

Still, if Murphy’s Law manifests itself in some form at your reception, just go with it. Find your zen, relax, and smile. Fretting wouldn’t help. And your guests will undoubtedly be tolerant and understanding–they attended your wedding because they care about you.

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