Sexy Corset Wedding Dress


By the middle of the 16th century, corsets were appearing as a commonly worn garment for women but with the flow of the revolution of fashion towards time. The corset has been implemented into today’s Wedding Dresses.

Sexy Corset Wedding Dress

Custom-made, corset-wedding gowns are available in satin, silk or velvet and regardless of the type of figure that the bride has, this gown is certain to accentuate her figure and flatter her curves for the perfect hourglass figure. A corset wedding gown is a garment that girds the torso and shapes it according to the fashionable silhouette of the day. Which is similar to the Sexy Silhouettes wedding dresses in the top 5 posts.

Corsets can reduce any waist size anywhere from 2-7 inches, depending on the style of corset that is selected. Full corsets cover the breast area while supporting and elevating it. There are also underbust corsets that flatten the stomach and reduce the waist at the same time. The corset-wedding gowns also have a unique special feature and that is the ability to remove the corset from the dress with little effort. Not only will this make any wedding night extra special but the corset can then be used again for other occasions.

Corset style wedding dresses also have a form-fitting top area which is similar to corset lingerie. The dress style gives a fairy tale shape to wedding dresses where the corset top is snug while the skirt area flows outwards.

Modest Styling look for Corset

Many modest looking corset wedding dresses are available which are form fitting but look elegant rather than overly revealing. Look for more modest styles with straps rather than shoulder-less varieties. The strap area helps make the dress look more formal and traditional, while the form-fitting waist area is still flattering and feminine.

Modest Strapless Corseted Wedding Dresses

Strapless corset topped wedding dresses can still have a modest look to them, especially if paired with a shawl or tailored jacket.

The Basics of corset wedding gown
A corset is slimming, figure flattering and sensual. It accentuates your figure in the best way possible!

It adds curves to a thin figure and structure to a fuller figure. The strapless gown enhances the shape of your shoulders and arms all while giving you a traditionally delicate look.

Regardless of the bride’s figure, this gown is certain to accentuate her curves, creating a perfect hourglass figure.

Depending on the style of the corset, it can reduce any waist from two to seven inches. What bride wouldn’t want that on their wedding day?

Corset dresses allow many different styles and colors. If you’re looking for something versatile and sexy, don’t hesitate to select a wedding dress. If you’re a bit on the plus side or self-conscious about heavier arms, just carry a wrap or a shawl and you’re good to go.

A dress with a corset top is one that has lace ties on the back. Corsets that lace, rather than zip, allow for easier alterations. Laces can be loosened or tightened given them a size smaller or larger as needed.

Choices for corset type

Even if the bride is not wearing a corset gown, the corset can still be part of the wedding ensemble. A white satin corset will enhance any figure by accentuating the bust line and taking inches off the waist.

A corset gown can be one or two pieces. Two pieces are perfect for women who are different sizes on top and bottom. Purchasing a size up or down in the skirt with a corset bodice worn separately is perfect for women without perfect proportions.

One piece corset gowns offer brides the look of a corset top without the fuss. They may have a zipper panel that will allow the bride to step in and out without replacing the entire dress. A one-piece corset gown may be cheaper than a two-piece, depending on the designer and the fabric, but may cost more in alterations than the two pieces.

Corset dresses are excellent for a Renaissance wedding, as it makes the bride look as if she was transported from the 1500s.

This is the kind of corset type of wedding dress that turns the chapel aisle right into a runway. Just add a simple pink color flower veil and a hand of a bouquet and you are ready for the show. You will definitely blow the mind out from your groom and pops out every eye of your guest. A very brave and up trend style if you dare.

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