How to Choose the Right Wedding Color Theme


So you’ve set the date and location of your wedding; you even know exactly how the program will pan out, both for the wedding rites and for the reception. But you just can’t seem to decide on what colors to go with! Every day you have a different color combination in mind–and second, guess each time your spouse-to-be asks you what you had in mind for it.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Color Theme

What to do?

If you feel like your color-savvy muse has abandoned you, you’re wrong! Inspiration abounds everywhere. The perfect colors may just be hiding under your nose.

Look at:

The Season. If the wedding is in summer, choose from the bold summery palette Mother Nature offers. Cool, pale colors are best for the winter. Take a look at your favorite spring flower and use those colors. Golden, monochromatic tones jive with an autumn wedding.

The Location. Look at your wedding and reception venues–are there colors that will not work with the permanent fixtures? Maybe you can take inspiration from the venue’s richly colored paneling, or choose a color that will look great with the lush grass in your outdoor venue.

Your Closet. Maybe you need only look at the things you have to realize the colors that are truly you. Which outfit do you feel most confident in? You might notice that you feel great in tops that are the same color.

When you do decide on the color(s), take them with you everywhere especially when you go canvassing or wedding shopping. Print out the exact shade, or carry cloth swatches. There are many shades of any given color, that go by a myriad of names to boot. It’s better to be sure you’re all on the same page when it comes to your color choice.

Collate all the things that inspired you to make that color choice in one place. Inspiration boards for weddings are very helpful not just for the couple, but for the various suppliers too. Particularly if you’re not the type to successfully express your thoughts in the spoken word.

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